Eye Emergencies

Eye Injury

We are fully equipped and able to treat many eye injuries. Many accidents that involve metal shavings, chemicals, or a black eye can be handled by an optometrist as well, or better, than urgent care clinics or hospital emergency rooms.

In case of an ocular emergency call our office immediately. If you are unable to reach us report to the nearest urgent care or emergency room.

Eye Pain

If you experience sudden eye pain you should be evaluated promptly. The right diagnosis and treatment can save your sight.

Pink Eye & Other Eye Infections

Redness of the eye is commonly seen in our practice, but the causes are varied. It could be allergies, bacteria, dry eyes, or a virus. Any case of eye redness that does not improve quickly should be seen right away.

Floaters & Spots

Floaters can take on many forms. Some look like opaque strands and some look like dark specks. They are tiny clumps of cells or fibers inside the eye. You notice them when light casts a shadow from them on your retina. Most floaters are normal and caused by age-related changes inside the eye, but a sudden appearance of hundreds of floaters could be the sign of something more serious. A thorough eye exam is essential for anyone with the onset of new floaters.

Flashes of Light

There are several conditions that can cause someone to see flashes of light. From migraines to retinal detachment, it is important to have your eyes examined if you experience a sudden episode of flashing lights in your vision.

LASIK Correction

Vision correction technology is becoming safer and more affordable than ever. If you are interested in learning more about the procedure and whether you are a good candidate, book an appointment to schedule a consultation.